Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Astrology Refinement

Astrology is toy divination. It's something you play with to understand real divination. Doing al-chemistry properly is the same: you can do something divination-like in a controlled environment until you understand it enough to do proper whatever-mancy in an uncontrolled environment.

E.g. Sol rises and sets. However, the timing of the profound rising and setting does not correspond simply to material dawn and dusk. The physics is, as intended, allegorical.

The music of the spheres is deeply harmonious, but static. It's an echo of the real song, not the singer itself. Were the music of the spheres the mover itself, the feedback would knock it out of its clean paths and it would no longer function as a toy. The details of the profound are orders of magnitude more profound. More elaborate, more sophisticated, more complicated, more seemingly contradictory. If you need to invoke dawn, well, it's always dawn somewhere. It is always dawn, and always dusk. Always noon, and always midnight. It is not only dawn&dusk here, there are millions and billions and trillions of dusk&dawns, over and over everywhere across the sky, each slightly different, each exactly identical.

This is why you play with a toy first, rather than immediately exposing yourself directly to the glory.

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