Saturday, December 4, 2021

Alt-Facists are Fascists

When someone flings an accusation, the first thing to check for is projection. Are they in fact talking about themselves?

The online right is constantly telling us that high-church Fascists are true believers. This is because online rightists are (nearly) true believers in their own cant. 

Properly speaking, a cult refers to a sub-cult of an existing religion. A variant belief. I call Americoid rightists [less-leftists] because, while they are not mainline Fascists, they are a Fascist cult.

The less-left are low in openness, which means "authoritarian," or rather, conformist. To be non-Fascist would mean being non-conformist in a way fundamentally opposed to their character. Invention is a high-openness activity, meaning they can only choose to conform to some existing major religion. Unfortunately, all the options are false, so the online right has caught itself in a catch-22. They have accidentally uncovered the hidden truths, but can't convert away without contravening their own most fundamental character traits. They hate new ideas but have no choice but to accept lies or new ideas.

Moldbug, a menshevik, was an exemplar. Better lies for the more discerning customer. The low-O must preserve as many old ideas as possible; the Moldbug market is a niche that felt forced to reject a few more ideas than usual.

All Fascists are narcissists, either inherently or performatively. Less-leftists conform to narcissism, and thus prefer to engage in futile ego games, in self-deception, rather than humble themselves before Gnon. 

Fascism is a very elegantly designed trap. Sophists do this sort of thing on purpose.

This is why they hate "black" pills so much. The more discerning customer can't quite get rid of the nagging awareness of lying to themselves. When the outside world exactly repeats the words of the small inner voice, it's utterly maddening.

Why is the idea that Fascism is doomed a "black" pill to them? Alt-Fascists are still Fascists.


Anonymous said...

So.. why does Cthulhu swim to the left? I think you worked it out.

Take an idea associated with the left (eg, open borders).
Mainstream it.

People low in openness, especially if shielded from the outcomes, will then conform to it.

More salient example - Antifa. Low openness to new ideas. Won't even have a discussion. Because they're rightists wearing leftist ideas like a skin-suit.

The coof mandates are also a hilarious exercise in right-winging from the left. Low openness is fear of disease from the evo-psych perspective. (We need to take away your freedoms for your safety...sounds like orderliness to me. How did all these orderly, low openness people end up on the left?)

And yet its the (by name) right who wants more freedom? So are they the left in this scenario?

Always best to look at a thing based on its attributes than its name, then.

Re: Moldbug - I've always thought of him as fairly high in openness. Do you think otherwise, or have I misinterpreted?

Anonymous said...

Further- social conservatives attempt to maintain the social order.

Cancel culture is social conservatism, ie, lets silence those who try to violate our social order.

Alrenous said...

Left vs. right is something of a distraction. What you want is responsibility vs. irresponsibility. Coof mandates are an increase in irresponsibility. Taxation without representation.

The right wants more freedom because they vaguely believe America is a democracy. As per Plato, all democrats demand additional freedom. Conforming to mores. That and because "freedom" in this case refers to taking responsibility for your own choices rather than being arbitrarily punished by unaccountable tyrants.

Moldbug is phenotypically libertarian. High C, high O. However, he was and continues to be embedded in the Regime structure, which means he ultimately feels the need to defend it. Menshevik. How do you think Urbit got funding? Why weren't Urbit VCs and angel investors instantly cancelled?

Cancel culture is also fundamentally irresponsible. As a matter of logical necessity, political fights are duels. Each side has a single leader. (It is in this sense that Moldbug's "sovereignty" is conserved.) However, cancel "culture" is alleged to be a culture, and thus the aggressor needs not take responsibility for their attack, particularly when it fails. When a twitter "mob" tells your employer to fire you, who do you sue for defamation? Someone is guilty, but nobody is liable.

Alrenous said...

Antifa is made of low-C low-O, which means incompetent, which means irresponsible. Not smart and not trustworthy either. The opposite of libertarian means prime thug recruits for your local tyrant.

paranoid sadist said...

>Moldbug is phenotypically libertarian. High C, high O.

>Libertarians are the most individualistic; they report the weakest ties to other people. They score lowest of the three groups on many traits related to sociability, including extroversion, agreeableness, and conscientiousness.

Alrenous said...

>trusting a mystery meat survey from Haidt