Sunday, December 5, 2021

Alt-Fascists Embracing Failure

"For the Godwin's Law aficionados: remove the AG through resignation or impeachment, lay siege to the universities through cutting federal subsidies, abolish the teachers unions through legislation, and overturn school boards through winning elections."

Impeachment, cutting subsidies, legislation: all things the sovereign (not this guy) can do. These are regime-complete problems. You can succeed assuming you have already succeeded.

winning elections lol 

Usually inhabiting the stereotypes of your enemies is a bad idea, but in this case Rufo will lose exactly because he's unwilling to inhabit the stereotype of his enemy. He is unwilling to use physical violence. His enemies are willing to use physical violence. The fight is already over because he has already surrendered. He doesn't want to win, he wants to be seen as "meek." The heavens will provide him with exactly what he's asking for.

You can see from the thread under the tweet that he's finally over the target. "I'm sure this sounded better in the original German."

The Regressive Inquisition absolutely freaked the fuck out. They know they have no popular support, military support, nor legal justification; without their corrupt cash flows they have nothing. Rufo threatening to upset their apple cart, no matter how mildly and impotently, immediately puts them at Defcon 1. (Very confident, these faithful.) 

These accusations work precisely because they are not true. Were Rufo willing to do what the Regressives said he's willing to do, he would probably just win. Indeed his side would have won centuries ago and there would be no Regressives to fling these photonegative accusations. 

Unless the Regime is willing to go flagrantly illegal and spend nearly all their legitimacy, Rufo will win the fight against [woke] and [CRT]. Then the Regime will repackage it in slightly less transparent words and do it again. (Turns out the CIA really is the central incompetence agency and can't be trusted with anything.) Alt-Fascists have to win every time. Fascists only have to win once. Once Fascists consolidate the win, alt-Fascists are, ultimately, Fascists, and aren't willing to fundamentally oppose the Regime. 


"The "White [X]" meme (white fragility, white ignorance, white tears) is just a way to delegitimize anything a white person says/does by labelling it in a way that says "this white person isn't engaging authentically, they only said/did that to preserve their white privilege.""

Married men shouldn't act like φαγγωτς, sodomite. 

Nobody gets presumption of authenticity. If you trust first and denounce traitors second, you lose.

We have science now. It's pretty new, only about 400 years old, maybe you haven't heart of it yet. It's hard for alt-Regressives to keep up with the times, I know.
What random yobbos say means nothing. If it's not experimental verification, it's nothing. Hold out for a show of good faith before assuming good faith, you absolute asshats.

Egalitarianism is a hell of a drug.

"whats most interesting to me about @realchrisrufo is not the object level nor even the absolute extent to which hes managed to shape Discourse by pure force of will and animal cunning but the fact that he managed to do so while being completely open about his strategy and tactics"

What's amusing to me is that eigen has read HP: Methods of Rationality, where Yud explained that the best strategy contravenes "1. hurts your cause bc plan becomes known to your enemies and they can react accordingly," because they cannot react accordingly. Xanatos gambits are possible in real life. In chess it's called a fork. I sometimes post them. Lies can always be exploited for personal benefit, to the detriment of the liar, forcing them to either renounce their lies or allow you to prey on them. 

Yud also mentions that scholars need a very good memory, capable of picking relevant nits out of books read years ago while thinking about something else. 

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