Thursday, December 2, 2021

I Blame Christianity for Identity Politics and Atomization

Did you feel there was something off about the "rise" of identity politics? Duh, it did not rise. It's just Rome again: greens vs. blues. It's called a "rise" by old staid forms of narcissist politics who feel threatened by the new fancy form of narcissist politics. The new new left is excellent at stroking to their storm troopers' delicate egos, after all. They have a clear and thus frightening advantage.

I blame Christianity.
It's a cult. Proof by inspection. 

Cults work through forced application of unreasonable intimacy, in other words they exploit narcissists and narcissism. Christianity gathered a critical mass of narcissists, which they wielded to cleverly traumatize everyone else so they would backslide into narcissism and thus be vulnerable to Christianization. 

Yeshua wasn't supposed to die and they had to scramble like mad to retrofit that event. However, the Cross ended up being a boon from Satan. A torture implement to symbolize a torture cult. Christianity is a tool to torment its "faithful" until they get so internally twisted they believe they deserve to be tortured. 

In other words, until they develop proper narcissist self-hatred and the resulting vulnerability to manipulation. The only way for a narcissist to feel safe is to be surrounded by identical copies of themselves, after all. Identically broken copies.

Being a victim is a sin, so it turns out Yeshua/Satan wasn't wrong about who deserved what. Perhaps, then, I don't [blame] Christianity, exactly.
Bonus round: you can't clean up the narcissism by telling them the truth, because natively the truth merely reinforces the self-hatred that forms the narcissist core. This is due to the disparity between the genetic self-assessment and the Reality of peasant biology. Peasants don't believe peasants are worthy. Peasants don't believe being a peasant is good enough. As long as you get them out of the kto kogo regime, they will tell you as much themselves.

The Woke heresy is merely taking this agony cult to new heights. To properly defeat the Woke would mean to root out the Occident culture's deeply seated respectful worship of narcissism.

Alternatively, gangrenous limbs are to be amputated. In this case, provided you yourself do not suffer from clinical levels of narcissism, you are the healthy tissue. Amputate the rest of the world. It has gone necrotic, and keeping it around for too long will only make you necrotic too. You don't need anyone's permission to stop worshipping narcissism. Once you're able to call a spade a spade, you can just, like, do it. 


All demons are narcissist. All devils are narcissist. The centre core of every entity is the fire of existence; devils hate existence, and thus hate their deepest core. Free will is real, thus they lay waste to themselves, turning their soul into nothing more than a gaping wound, aggravating their suffering with self-inflicted suffering. When a devil incarnates as or fully dominates a human, what can the resulting symptoms be, except virulent narcissism?

Cults want to cut you off from your family, and arrogate away the intimacy that properly goes toward familial relations. (Bonus round: peasants believe peasants don't deserve to breed.)

Because of this, if you want genuine social connection, it becomes necessary to cut off the cult, so that you can reconnect, as far as possible, with your family. (The non-narcissist parts, specifically.) The cult needs to be subjected to the punishment it prescribes for others. It's not only important, but necessary to sink to their level. Narcissists always project, after all.

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