Sunday, December 5, 2021

The Final Roots of Decay & Inevitability

"For the left, the only thing it knows today is constant failure. Like any religious cult, the failure of prophecy can only be redeemed by shedding the blood of those members identified as polluting the faith. The price of social cohesion is the turn toward constant purges."

In reality, Fascism has known nothing but constant failure from its inception. Stone age economics barely work even in a paleolithic society. Not even slightly competitive. However, the Sophists have been able to paper over their failures using two things. The first: lies, as per Sophist doctrine, especially the Plot of the State Enemy. The second: jumping in front of the technological progress train and taking credit for having pulled it where it was already going.

The first problem: lies are a non-renewable resource.
The second problem: Sophism chokes off progress. 

Peasants are dumb, but given enough exposure, even they work out a lie is a falsehood. Any society which uses lies as a foundation has an expiration date. 

Sophists deal with this by chaining lies one into another. E.g. the DNC will force the RNC to take ownership of an old, stale lie, then "defeat" the RNC using a shiny new lie which "discredits" the old lie. This resets the expiration clock. However, there are a finite number of ideas of low enough Kolmogorov complexity to fit inside election propaganda. The peasants hold a grudge against the old lies, blaming them for their present misery; they can rarely be re-used. Eventually the DNC would have to change their behaviour rather than merely changing their camouflage. They would literally rather die, so...

P.S. Christianity dealt with this by trying to stick to low-impact lies. If, ultimately, it doesn't matter if the lie is true or not (e.g. trinity) then evidence against it accumulates very slowly. However, eventually even the peasants work out the only downside to not paying your tithe is that priests whine at you like the little bitch parasites that they are.


GDP is basically interest. You invest labour and capital, and there is some return. Technological advancement is merely one name and one kind of investment. The return allows you to invest all the labour required for maintenance and yet have some left over to invest again, increasing the return. There may be a limit to this process, but this is wholly theoretical; there is not a shred of evidence of such a limit. If it exists, it must be far away.

The workers invest. Parasites take credit for the results of this investment, because the workers are comically gullible retards who will buy just about any story as long as you promise to say that you're their friend. (Not like those meany billionaires that we invite to our parties. They're so mean! You can tell, because you're jealous of the billionaire. You wouldn't be jealous of a nice person, would you? That would be mean, and there's no way you're mean. That's just right out. By process of elimination, the nasty billionaire must be a bad guy. Hmph!)

The parasites parlay this credit into political capital, which they spend to seize the investment. At first, they seize less investment than the increase in return. However, this results in parasitism being profitable, which results in workers changing job to parasite, which results in less investment and greater costs. Eventually the parasite class seizes so much investment that the investment is going in reverse. After paying off the parasites, there is no longer enough labour to pay for maintenance. Result: decay.

In other words the parasites start WWII, the workers win WWII, and the parasites use this to justify installing a welfare state, which prevents the workers from being able to afford a war. They can't even afford a slight economic jolt. The State is cancer. It grows until it kills its host.

However, the workers remain comically gullible retards. They will allow the parasite class to secure the blood sucking at the workers' own expense, which only accelerates the negative economic feedback loop. Hence Rome's population dropped by 90%. Every time Rome's population dropped, it lost workers, not parasites, meaning the unsustainable imbalance remained, so it lost more workers... The parasites will refuse to let go, and the workers will do nothing but cry about it and, in extremis, starve to death. Eventually Rome's economy became so simple that the blood-sucking behaviour couldn't be disguised even from workers, whereupon they finally addressed the parasite infection. 

It likely wasn't that difficult by this time. The parasites can leave and latch onto a different host, after all. Parasites don't benefit from roots. The only thing stopping them from latching onto the juiciest host is a pre-existing parasite overburden.

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