Sunday, December 26, 2021

Democratic Man Too Weak for Truth

Democratic man is too weak to accept the reality of Democracy. The ideas crush his mind.

This is not surprising: democratic man's basic more is to commit all three deadly sins. They have committed fully to vice. As a result they have committed fully to powerlessness. 

A truth all ancient men knew without having to talk about it: if a man wants something, he has to take it by force. All his wealth is seized by dint of tremendous effort. Nobody is going to give him anything for free, not even death.
Democratic man wants "freedom," which in practice means asking for permission to take things. Clearly the true answer is no; permission is not granted. Democracy is an illusion. Polities move directly from plutarchy to tyranny. 

As the realities of his polities decay further the strength required to accept Reality becomes higher. Meanwhile, democratic man becomes even weaker, even less able to handle an honest appraisal of his environment.

By the time your polity becomes democratic, it is too late. Nothing can halt the decline and ultimate collapse. The necessary virtue simply doesn't exist. If you tell this to democratic man, he will clamour for "solutions," yet the solution is as death to him in any case. He would have to give up his "freedom" and stop being democratic.

On the plus side, democratic man is so weak that you can casually 1v1000 him. "If I'm going down, I'm taking you with me!"
"Hmm...I decline."
Democratic man can't be saved, but there's also no reason to save him. Don't try to usurp Gnon's prerogatives.


Jbpguy said...

“My political stance is that the rules should be changed so I can win more easily”

Democracy is pretty literally the average person demanding a share of Olympic gold.
Of course they can’t understand that if you debase something it stops being worth anything.

Hilarious to think that people don’t realise that the true democracy they require already existed, which is, kill the bad kings.

Of course this is bad since it implies the average peasant isn’t fit to rule, and were all trapped in thus rhetorical universe made of equality.

Alrenous said...

Come to think I can also get away with saying some pretty interesting things. Just went and admitted to being "racist" to a brown dude once. He didn't buy it, though.

That said I always know exactly where the ostracism button is, and sometimes I make a game of pushing it. The rules: say something that is undoubtedly true in the least inflammatory way possible, get ostracized anyway. It is trolling if everything you say is elaborately verifiable? (Yes.)