Friday, December 24, 2021

I accidentally converted myself to my religion, and now I've accidentally worked out how to word the description of my religion. I worship bringing the mind into harmony with Existence. The holy act is to think about Reality the way Reality thinks about herself. The holy ritual is to, second, genuinely speak one's thoughts. This latter turns out to be severally and surprisingly nontrivial. 

Proselytizing is a sin. Rather than joining someone else's religion, it turns out finding your own has a simple recipe: imagine your ideal religion in detail. As much detail as possible: what are the buildings? The clothes? The processions? The decorations? If you do it correctly, you'll involuntarily convert yourself, the same way I did. It appears at first to be a fantasy construction, and it turns out to be discovery. You're hardly making anything up, instead you're finding out you already had a worship in there and it merely needs a opening so it can come out.

As with all holy things, while doing it correctly brings bountiful material boons, that's not the point. It is done for its own sake. Unifying thought and Reality is worth doing because it is inherently worthy. Truth maxxing for Veritas' sake.

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Jbpguy said...

Request post : buildings

>holy act
Hmm. Honour and expand consciousness? Or is consciousness too non holy a term?

>proselytising as sin
Does someone who can’t understand god deserves its light? Nope.
If you’re organising you’re just a totalitarian.

Is god actually dead, or have we just had our head in the ass Of our own genius. Hm. “How can a god have created us, so brilliant?”

(Also as jbpguy I must point out jbps fundamental personal advice, only say things that don’t make you weak, ie, don’t lie)