Saturday, January 1, 2022

The Cosmos is Pure Spectacle

All form, no substance.

Or rather, substance is merely another kind of form. Profundity is nothing more than many-layered aesthetics. 
Consciousness is primary. Matter is merely a special kind of mind. Existence is experience. Existence is more interesting than non-existence; that's the core.  As I've said before, look at the night sky for a hint. All that mass, all that energy used, for what? To look good. You have to go past a couple dozen decimal places before you find the percentage of the observable universe that has any discernible purpose other than pure glory. 

God threw a party, and it turns out you're invited.

Some have held the notion that a single guest can ruin it for everyone by eating an hors d’oeuvre with the wrong timing.
If your party is that easy to ruin you're not God. To the back of the bus with you!

Imagine you really did screw up so bad you ruined the party. You commit the worst sin imaginable. You destroyed the entire universe.

To the creator God, this like losing power for five seconds. Universe destroyed? Now there's this big open space for Me to just do it again... Once the lights are back on He smacks you upside the head and tells you not to get so drunk you play with the breakers. Maybe He locks the electric box next time He wants to invite you over. If you think some rogue nibbling is a big deal, you might want to grow the fuck up.

Only demons want you to obsess over fear. It's a party, lighten up! Don't run away from what you fearRun towards what you enjoy, . We had to invite the devils or there would be no party at all, but there's no call to spend your entire evening staring at them. 

Inevitably, God throws the biggest, deepest, richest, most spectacular parties. A party so all-encompassing that working for a wage is a mere sub-event. That's invited too.

Because it's a party, turns out one of the highest laws really is the law of Thelema. Free will: do what thou wilt. I would suggest working with the other guests rather than imitating the devils, but Mars is here too. The party would be less intricate and elaborate if you couldn't have a war. It is hardly impossible to war cooperatively. Find someone else who wishes to test themselves without limits, and throw yourselves at each other. 

You can even be serious if you want, although I find even the partier in question doesn't find it rich or glorious. I can't see a law of logic it contravenes, but the attitude smells inherently counter-conscious to me. You can make a garden if you want, but something that cannot fail is not alive. Existence is nothing if not alive. The law of Thelema also applies to leaving the party. If you express enough dissatisfaction through action, you're apt to uninvite yourself. If you don't want to party you don't have to. 

Whatever you want out of the party, it can be found here. Anything imaginable has some correspondence at God's banquet. The only thing you can screw up is not partying as hard as you want. Holding back should be done only in service of some greater release. 

Find the dish you want, and gorge yourself on it. Have the most intense experience you can handle.
Even mildness can be intensely mild. Relax like you really mean it. Pick a fight like you really mean it. Create as much as you can. Build as high as it will go. Make yourself as strong as possible. Arrogate every power unto yourself, or finesse everything with the absolute minimum. Be yourself, but more so. Find a style and show God how stylish it can be. Throw your own sub-party, detailing God's party yet further, and entice everyone to join you. Investigate and learn. Know everything you can put your hand on, gathering all the knowledge that will fit. See as deeply into the details as your eyes can handle.

If there is any commandment at all, it is the following: don't waste your opportunity. Feast!

God threw a party, and it turns out you're invited. At God's table, you will find every dish and every event. They're there for you.

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