Friday, December 17, 2021

Open Letter, Chapters 1 & 2

"If we see no discrepancies, perhaps the Cathedral is just a truth machine after all."

Trust must be earned. Anyone is allowed to assume the Cathedral is untrustworthy simply because it's made of human speech. Nullius in verba, heathen.

On the contrary, due to known perverse incentives, the neutral epistemic stance about any State church is significantly negative. It needs vast evidence to prove its accuracy. Ball is deep in the opponent's court. All that needs to be said on the topic: such evidence is flagrantly unavailable.


"Therefore, since you can no longer be a Whig, you have no option but to become a Tory. The conflict was, after all, a war. No one was neutral. There is no third side."

Profane Sophistry.

There is always a third side: the heavens.

The Whigs deserved to lose because they were Satanist. They themselves said their conflict was unjustified.
The Tories deserved to lose because they lost.

When two undeserving sides go to war, it is guaranteed to be a defeat. One side may lose less, yes, but let's know them by their fruits: the Revolution lead to, you know, this. The modern world. Ugh.
The Tories took on the Revolution, and lost. The Revolution took on Gnon, and lost.

As of course they would. Both sides were irresponsible. Irresponsibility is a deadly sin. Anyone since joining either side has been elaborately destroyed.

Wanker "King" George was likely attempting to beat up his domestic opponents by bullying the Americans, the same way (and with the same effectiveness) the Pentagon tried to bully Harvard by beating up some gooks. If you dishonour Mars, what do you think is going to happen?
Secure your shit, morons.
Also, quit taxing. Charge for service or GTFO.

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