Thursday, December 9, 2021

Sacrifice is Deviant

Cooperate with cooperators. Utility isn't atheism. This is no mere mortal law.

"I’m no libertarian, but I like to think there’s a major difference between voluntary sacrifices people make for one another and coerced ritualistic murder sacrifice done for no particular reason."

"The God commands them is the only reason at the bottom of it. Justifications about utility are just the encroachment of atheism."

If a god's orders aren't good for you, they're not a holy god and you shouldn't be following them. (Exception: you're an incarnate devil and what's good for you is annihilation.) Human sacrifice accomplishes nothing.


Sacrifice in general is a profane idea. Don't sacrifice. Do trade.
The above example is actually pure Satanism. The argument is: "Utility is atheism, therefore provide utility for gods." Big nope.

Look, either they deserve to die, or they don't. If they do, it's not a sacrifice, it's an execution. Don't offer the heavens your trash. If they don't deserve to die, then they shouldn't be sacrificed, they should be kept alive. QED. The idea is to do fewer profane things, not more of them. The idea is to have more pious individuals, not fewer of them. They're not exactly in overabundance, and never have been.

Also, don't steal. Unless the life you're "sacrificing" is your own, it's inherently criminal. It's dishonourable. If you want someone dead, kill them up front, on your own authority. Don't try to weasel out of it by blaming it on some profane pseudo-god.

I would trade my life to learn an important truth. Problem: this is not an effective trade. A) I can learn it but live anyway, B) physical death is inevitable, so anything I would learn by dying is going to happen whether I intentionally make the trade or not.

If you want to grow so much you're willing to die for it...well, you will grow. More dedication is always better, but don't get stupid about it. Don't actually kill yourself just to prove how willing you are. They already know, dumbass.

It is not at all implausible that the Aztecs and Mayans could be and were destroyed by ~100 Hajnals precisely because they were intolerably dishonouring the sacred.

The point of a god is kind of that they're immeasurably wealthy compared to you. Sacrifice is often a manifestation of Pride: "I have something so valuable even a god covets it!" Yeah, uh, no you don't. If the heavens weren't this wealthy, then they wouldn't be able to grant any blessings or boons. Or at least nothing you couldn't get just as easily at the corner store. I shouldn't have to say, but a god is not required to grant blessings; however, one that can't clearly isn't a god in the first place.

They already have anything you might want to give them. The point of interaction with an immortal isn't to enrich the immortal. Christianity is not purely wrong: the heavens are transcendentally generous. They're worthy of worship precisely because they're incomprehensibly loving.

Not that I'm going to stop trying to comprehend it anyway, mind. 


Anonymous said...

". The point of interaction with an immortal isn't to enrich the immortal. "

Yes. It's funny the human mindset towards Gods. As if you can offer them something they can't have?

The most reasonable God I can posit is one that implemented a system to make more Gods.( How does a chicken reproduce, seems simple. Live young is like a God-tier technology to a bird. )

And so to sacrifice "for God" is to miss the damn point.

Alrenous said...

I believe (but certainly can't prove) that there are more like 50 heavens instead of 7. Really spitballing here, but heaven 50 has peak entities of IQ 100, heaven 49 has peak entities of IQ 100,000, heaven 48 has peak entities of IQ 1,000,000,000...

IQ 100,000 isn't infinity or anything like omniscience, but relative to a mortal's perspective it might as well be. If you met one in the flesh you would definitely call it God, even though from a wide cosmic perspective it's just another ant, like us.