Thursday, December 23, 2021

American Drug Cartels

Every mayor in America has the local drug lord on speed-dial. Sometimes you just need things done...extrajudicially, you know? Votes printed, juries intimidated, riots supplied, that sort of thing. Plus, do you know how many campaign contributions those guys can afford? Wowza. It would just be dumb not to run with these snakes.

The FBI has time to run anti-KKK ops so heavily that every wignat group is in fact 80% glowie. If they wanted to infiltrate and shut down drug gangs, it would be trivial. Conclusion: the gangs are State-subsidized. I would genuinely be unsurprised to find they effectively have Fed fund accounts. 

The point of the DEA is to keep profits high by keeping the supply expensive. Drugs are commodity goods and would be worth pennies in profit if they could be produced and distributed competitively. How are you supposed to run a criminal empire if you can't fund it with extortionary drug profits?

But wait, where do they get their drugs?
Mexican drug cartels. 

Oh duh, the Mexican drug cartels are in fact FBI/CIA operations. Maybe when the NSA becomes a real boy they'll get their own shiny Mexican drug cartel. Obviously the ATF has a couple too.

The Mexican government superposition isn't stable. Either the Official government would crush all the cartels, or one of the cartels would crush the government thus become the government - and it's clear the Official government has already lost the whip hand. It has to be fake kabuki conflict.

In other words they're being paid Fed/IRS dollars, on the condition that they don't go beyond certain boundaries. In other words Carlos Slim bought the NYT using laundered Fed funds; the financial equivalent of hiding behind seven proxies. 

You think they're so dumb they can't even think of hiding behind seven proxies? Being held by a "Mexican" allows the NYT to circumvent many American laws. In extremis, Carlos can bribe the relevant Mexican bureaucrat. Technically you can also bribe folk in America but it's vastly more expensive since it all has to go through legal. 

By passing the instructions through a Mexican office, it's much harder for any American to notice the inherent command-and-control nature of the relationship. There's a 0% chance Slim is not wholly owned by the State department. Proof by retrospective inspection. Things that never happened: "USG lets primary propaganda organ be owned by random unaffiliated jagoff." They couldn't allow their flagship liar to go down due to little things like "not making any money" and doubtless Slim continues to secretly provide NYT with regular infusions of "corporate welfare," now it's been fully nationalized. The IRS and SEC know which books it's not supposed to investigate too closely.

Checksum: cynicism. Conclusion is sufficiently cynical to be plausibly realistic.

Presumption of innocence is generally a bad idea. It is necessary for USG to prove it isn't the vitae behind Mexican drug cartels. Corruption ought to be presumed until it has been refuted beyond a reasonable doubt.


Anonymous said...

Strong agree. Lots of money to be made in drugs, USG loves money.

Minor disagreement though ;
The FBI has time to run anti-KKK ops so heavily that every wignat group is in fact 80% glowie. If they wanted to infiltrate and shut down drug gangs, it would be trivial. Conclusion: the gangs are State-subsidized.

The FBI can enter the KKK because entry is easy. "WH*TE P*WER" welcome b0rther

If the KKK required, say, proof of murder of a non white as entry fee, makes infiltration harder.

Two conclusions: The FBI fills the KKK with glowies to pretend they're effective, justify their budgets.

The level of infiltration suggests that the KKK is not an actual real organisation with serious goals or concerns, more of a hobby group. Either they're too dumb to know that they're infiltrated, or they don't mind. I'd say they know and don't care, since they get access to all kinds of USG money.

And the beauty of it is, even FBI operatives can't notice that 8/10 fellow KKK members having also been at Quantico with them in the break room means they're being gamed, since, believing what the KKK believes MUST mean you're dumb.

Not dealing with USG infiltration is of existential benefit to the KKK, ergo, they do not try to detect or rectify the situation.

It would not be so trivial to enter the really serious drug groups, because the drug groups would not similarly benefit from infiltration.

Proper organisations, when they detect infiltration, change the rules to entry.

>Oh you wanna join? Cut Maricelas face off with this boxcutter, friend.

Anonymous said...

>Corruption ought to be presumed until it has been refuted beyond a reasonable doubt.
Prove you're not a USG honeypot.

Alrenous said...

I don't want your contact information. If you post your e-mail (don't do this, but imagine) I'll ask if you want me to delete the post for the slightly increased opsec.

If you were that worried about it, I suggest you don't post on a blogger blog - it's owned by Google. E.g. even if you use a library computer, it can in theory be traced to your library card. I guess do the behind-seven-proxies thing? TOR is infested with feds, btw, might as well hang a sign on your door, "Investigate me."

Pretty shitty honeypot.

That and I have all the right enemies. Come to think I need to write the post about, "Yeah, if that happens, the Gyew ends up down the well. I get it. We all understand. The Gyew should have known better."

Oh and, "How-to: Epistemic competence." Following my advice will genuinely make you stronger and more powerful. And if doesn't, let me know so I can fix it. Worked for me, though. That is genuinely my intent.

nu iota gamma gamma eta rho

At some point the honeypot is mimicking a non-honeypot to the point where you genuinely can't tell the difference, and they're just accidentally contributing.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I hope that you didn’t interpret me as outright attacking you. Not my intention.

Arqiduka said...

Good point, infiltrating cartels would not be trivial if they had any intention of doing so. But it would be easy to just arrest/oh-no-I-shot-this-one-in-s3lf-defwnce them all if they wanted to. Heck, if they wanted to they would keep one around and use them to extra-judiciate the others. Its just the infiltration part that would be too hard and pointless.