Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Western Culture Was Never Maintained

Western culture is obviously completely broken and need to be replaced. You can cite Carlyle on this if you want. Problem: it is clear Westerners have no interest in swapping out their culture. Gnon will have words with them about this.

The obvious thing to do is identify the core of corruption, salvage anything useful from around it, and rebuild from scratch. 

The Christian races like to be popular. A new culture would, by definition, not play by the rules of the old culture, and it would inherently be unpopular. Christian corruption is preventing any effective corruption-cleansing measures. As should be expected. The stuff's not going to clean itself (except catastrophically).

If the corruption were not camouflaged, it would never have survived. It is hard to see what's corruption and what isn't. This is not a real problem. Try several new culture-seeds. One will successfully identify the problems by chance, if nothing else. Popes for everyone; if you have enough, one of them won't be an idiot shitbag.

The project isn't difficult. Microsociology is easy. The individual pieces can be assembled without fuss. Unfortunately, macrosociology is not quite easy. Lies spread. Individually. Socially. Having a sociology without any lies at all is effort-intensive. Though still not hard, exactly.

My true purpose when I try to talk about stuff like this is to highlight the missing maintenance. The Christian races refuse to even question these assumptions. I have no idea how much is obvious and how much is mind-blowing. Have I included all the necessary background? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Nobody is talking about it. It seems nobody is even thinking about it except me. However, this is entry level stuff. I've made an adze by taping a rock to a stick. It shouldn't be new. I should sound like a child telling you the sun is bright and hot.

Were the races always incapable of maintenance? Was the original culture already too far left to be responsible? 

If we're playing an MMO or FPS, then sure I can carry the whole team on my back. I can't carry a whole culture by myself, primarily because I don't want to. Carry it yourself or you're all fucked. (Hint: you're fucked.)

Alternatively one could try an organic rebuild. This has already been decided against. Billions of people and nobody has tried re-creating a hunter tribe and re-developing.

It's not illegal. They just don't want to. Panem et circenses: it works, bitches.

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