Friday, May 7, 2021

China Hates Heaven

The sin common to all Orientals is prizing the human over the heavens. 

Europeans have proven the ability to abase themselves before powers other than themselves. Whence comes Science, and in return heaven grants feats such as walking on the moon. Asians, by contrast, can't even get into orbit without someone of the Christian races holding their hand. It doesn't matter how smart you are if your personality is fundamentally poisoned. 

Of course Europeans have also shown a strong predilection for abasing themselves before Satan whenever given the opportunity. Ref: read any newspaper written in English ever. Although Satan still isn't self-worship, for some reason it manages to be worse.

Much as Christians harp on and on about "compassion," precisely because China claims the mandate of heaven, we can be sure they perfectly lack any such mandate. 

P.S. Come to think that's exactly why they copy, isn't it? Unless a human shows them the way, they can't do it. Peak conformism. But, they can do it really really well as soon as another pedestalized human does it. Rapid, efficient, and soulless copying.


BSRK Aditya said...

Indeed. There is a reason spiritualism was a thing in the west and not elsewhere.

Alrenous said...

To first order approximation Asians can't tell the truth. If they say something true, it's merely a happy coincidence. It does not suggest they're likely to say anything true in the future.

Which makes it pretty sad that modern Europeans are even more full of shit.