Thursday, May 20, 2021

Elites as Opposed to Decision-Makers

"Elites tend not to be open to being argued into low status beliefs, whatever their rational and factual merits."

These 'elites' are insecure strivers. Why are you letting them play at running anything? 

Elite is a stupid word. It means selected. In other words they're gophers. The ruler is the selector. The word is useful for videogames, not real life. In Master of Magic it's an experience level for troops - recruit, regular, veteran, elite. That's a correct way to use it. 

Congratulation to just about everyone for being memed into being obsessed with elites.


Jorgen said...

Thanks for meming me into a desire to play Master of Magic. Dos box on linus is ready.

Alrenous said...

Do get the unofficial patch. 1.3.whatever.
I like how the difficulty level is based largely on how you build your wizard. Artificer + rune mastery = infinite magic. Or 11 life books + elf = turn 1 incarnation casting.
Alternatively you can gimp the heck out of yourself with some random collection + gnolls.

And yes this is vastly more important than elites or any discussion involving elites.