Monday, May 3, 2021


"Which is more important, your honour or your life?"

It's dishonourable to allow yourself to be killed without a very good reason. You want a world that selects against dishonour, not one that selects against honour. Kind of important. Don't die for your principles - make the other bastard die for his.

However, ultimately honour is more important. If you don't have any principles worth dying to defend, you're not even alive, let alone honourable. 

'Being alive is my principle.' Lame. Nothing but submission to chance and fortune.

"Which is more valuable, your possessions or your person?"

Stupid question. My person is one of my possessions. 

"Which is more destructive, success or failure?"

Depends on whether you're trying to destroy yourself. If you are, then failure is less destructive. By contrast, if you're doing it correctly, neither is destructive. Failure is merely an opportunity for learning.

More precisely, this question is anti-nihilist. There are no objective values and thus nothing which is objectively destructive; the contrary position is narcissism. Which is more 7abafa4p, success or failure? The answer is based entirely on how you define 7abafa4p.

Foreigners do all sorts of "destructive" things, but in general it works out for them. Mind your own business.

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