Thursday, May 20, 2021

Example Articulation Failure

Most folk are so illiterate they can't even read the contents of their own head.

"I'd def think there is [a hell] but I don't think a lot of people go there unless you're maybe hitler"

Obviously this person is illiterate in the regular sense.
Are you, you in particular, a [maybe hitler]? If so, she would think there is a hell. No comment on whether such things are logical or not, but she would definitely believe it.

In reality this is about ingroup/outgroup. She has no idea what a hell is, what it might be for, or why it might exist. It probably has fire? And tridents? She has no idea she doesn't know, because she doesn't know what words mean and thus doesn't know what her own thoughts mean. The difference between the consequences of what she's thinking of and what she's supposed to be thinking of are invisible to her. Exactly like saying 2+2=3 due to being unable to see the difference between 3 and 4. "What difference does it make?"

She can only relate it to babby's first sociology because she's an intellectual toddler. Myside vs. yourside. Hell is bad, so outgroup goes there.

She's been told to be universalist. Everyone is good (thus myside) unless they're specifically excluded, and even then you have to watch out for Freudian excuses. Humanist knows she's supposed to say every human is ingroup unless they're, like, totes inhuman. No pity or remorse or fear.

She can tell Catholics say she's outgroup so clearly they're baddies. Only yourside would say I'm not myside. She thus regurgitates something based on pattern-matching and vaguely feeling negative. If you asked her what [control and scare tactics] are or how they work, you would get incoherent babble, because she has no idea. 

She doesn't actually believe most of this. If you ask her what she believes, she can't say and has to scramble to make something up. It will rarely be consistent internally, let alone from day to day. If you watch her behaviour it will be relatively rational and consistent, however. Twisted probably, but consistent. The beliefs exist, but are inaccessible. E.g. signalling because she likes signalling, even though she can't write for beans and it makes her look like a moron.

She looks human on casual inspection. The light's on. However, if you knock, you'll find nobody's home.

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