Saturday, May 15, 2021

Machiavellian High IQ

The person I reveal on my blog would obviously not win an election.

In real life I've been spontaneously pressured to take on leadership positions, because I made my mask too well. I can mostly explain what I've done if you want to make such a mask yourself. However, you will find that responsibility is not worth the offered bid in a Fascist country. Also if you use my mask blueprint you'll probably get annoying sticky fans the same way I do. ("We're friends, right?" No.)

A very high IQ leader has a problem: the stuff they want to do makes no sense to their very average IQ employees. The solution is Machiavellianism. Figure out what they need to do, and then figure out what weirdo bullshit you need to say such that they'll do it. They're dumb, so they make mistakes, so you manipulate them into making the mistakes that are accidentally the right thing to do. 

But you're smart, so you figured this out on your own. If you want to lead someone who can't fathom anyone with an IQ higher than 120, then pretend to be someone with an IQ of 120. Sinple. "What would brain-damage Jesus do?" 

Indeed you'll be realer than real. Truth is stranger than fiction. Remember how a man was voted woman of the year by TIME? A genius can be a midwit even better than a midwit can. You can perfectly match the moron's perception of a midwit in a way the real midwit can't quite manage. They'll love you for the act of relieving their cognitive dissonance alone. Forgive you practically anything if you go full pandering.

It would be more efficient to have a fully authoritarian [obey without question] structure, but those things are deprecated nowadays, so leadership has a bunch of hassle involved.

There are two reasonable conclusions. One: I am unique. Two: I am not unique. Either I'm some sort of world-striding genius, or there are others who are good at manipulation. I'm not particularly fussed about which conclusion you pick. Though notice that USG often does exactly what I would have done were I sadistic, amoral, and had a herd of cats to manage.


BSRK Aditya said...

Yes. The principal dividing factor is morality, not intelligence.

You would be willing to associate with those who are of a similar level of morality, even if they are not as intelligent, yes?

Alrenous said...

Pretending to be stupid as a leader is useful under certain circumstances. If you want to run a small business, for example. Profitable.

Associating socially with someone by pretending to be stupid isn't associating with them socially. It's being manipulative.