Saturday, May 8, 2021

Ultimate Tyranny

Thaumaturgically the obesity epidemic is an attempt to armour against their own feelings. The padding around the girth is supposed to be directed inward. They've been told they should feel joy and gratitude for being enslaved, but that's not what being a slave feels like. As they are slaves, the idea Massa might be lying to them can't be entertained even for a moment. They automatically assume they're not feeling what they're feeling. If they were skinny before, it was not for lack of trying. Those who remain skinny now are largely those who mutilated themselves so thoroughly there's nothing left.

Is it any surprise that those banging on over and over about oppression are the oppressors? I'm not surprised. That the group banging on and on about erasure is trying to erase everyone, majority and minority alike? That those who can't shut up about empathy are the cruellest? In this society the only way to be free to have feelings is to be able to brutalize anyone who might disagree. ( can't brutalize someone into liking you. A "friend" is someone who agrees to keep the brutality to a low simmer.)

Everyone telling you your feelings don't matter is simply telling you that their own feelings matter instead. They want you weak, because if you don't surrender, they can't win. Self-sacrificing superheroes are only modelling submission to tyrants.

Political power is the urge to cause pain. Impact = change * resistance. The key point is the resistance. The oppressed, tortured populace resists being tortured because it hurts. To be powerful is to cause pain on purpose, for no reason than to show you can get away with it. Political powers is inherently traitorous.

Satan is a weak ruler. He models rebellion. Any who follow him will rebel unless they're so weak they can't even decide to rebel. Traitors so incompetent they can't manage to turn coat.

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