Monday, May 17, 2021

Re-Evaluate Culture From First Principles: A How Not-To

"This is good example of how we really need to back up and re-evaluate what we want our culture to be like from first principles"

This guy has no idea what [first principles] means and if you told him he would be thoroughly unwilling to do the work. 

Tell: "our" culture. Naturally he in fact means "your" culture. He wants to impose his own culture on a wider country. (Digression: isn't willing to use conquest to do so.) 

Earlier tell: "need". An attempt to generate urgency, because the topic itself inspires no urgency. Acting exactly like a median American and while pretending to say median Americana is wrong. Anyway if a culture needs an ICU it's already too late. There is no such thing as urgent engineering.

Exactly what they teach in American schools: seeming to question, without challenging anything. Cope. Popularity contest. 

The rest of the thread flagrantly confirms the original perception.

"have a seat at the table about what the hell we're going to do about this"
You're not going to do anything about it. If you could have you already would have. You're not going to address your own powerlessness, so it will remain. 'Seat at the table' apparently refers to twitter likes.

"pro-humanity position"
Humanists gonna hume. 'These other humanists are huming harder than we are and that's bad.' Yeah good luck with that.

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