Monday, May 17, 2021

Account of Defunding the Police

Defunding the police seems like a good idea since police vote red and the unemployed vote blue. Further, criminals vote blue, and it's lionizing criminals over police. What's not to love?

In reality it's a stupid idea. The police perform many important functions for the core Transgressive tyranny. Not the least of which is securing the core hegemony's own properties, including their institutions like CNN. They also continue to follow orders. Don't put down the thoroughly illegal riot? On it, boss! Do put the down and incarcerate the basically law-abiding non-riot? You got it, champ! In the end votes don't matter anyway.

Stupid tranny shock troops either drank their own kool-aid or were just dumb. Lord shortage etc. Eventually, some months later, the [knock it off, dumbasses] order filters down through the responsibility laundering system and they're forced to knock it off.

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