Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Capitalism is Owning Things

Anti-capitalist rhetoric can only even vaguely work if the audience is wildly ignorant and misinformed.

Capitalism is just owning things. A more capitalist society makes it easy and cheap to own things. A less capitalist society makes it hard and expensive to own things. 

Capitalist "ills" are either communism in disguise, or envy. The envious really do feel attacked by someone who has more stuff than they do. It feels like aggression to them. War, even. Then there's e.g. the fact American public corporations are legally barred from caring about anything further than three months away. (I think it has something to do with the fact journalists can tank stock prices with gossip, but only temporarily. The law converts yellow journalism to indictable offence. (Don't forget journalism only comes in one colour.)) Corporations aren't allowed to own their own futures. 

It's weird that the rich are also envious, but it appears that is indeed the case. Bizarrely insecure. In anti-capitalist society, the rich can still afford to own things, but the poor no longer can. This makes the rich fond of anti-capitalist rhetoric. Maybe there's some class signalling there too. It's most odd that the rich feel genuinely threatened by nouveau riche or even peasants with big boats. I wonder if this is in part due to their own anti-capitalist rhetoric? They damage security and thus feel insecure. 

It's also possible to make a society so anti-capitalist that even the rich can't afford to own anything, at which point everyone starves to death. 

All historical States are internally communist. They can't allow anyone to secure tax money, for example, because they're trying to steal it. Too much security or ownership or responsibility would strangle any of these States. The State game is always to un-secure more extra-State things so they can exercise political power over them and thus have more kratia/Impact than their rivals. There is no stable ratio of communism to capitalism except 0:100, so with the State as a fixed point, over time all historical countries get more communist, more left-wing, until they can't afford to secure their own borders and a less-rotted State steals their stolen lunches.

P.S. If you have a corporation that's big enough to need an HR department, sell it. Else you just fucked up.

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