Friday, May 7, 2021

Justice vs. Power

You probably don't need to be told, but you do need to put it into words..

Justice without power is meaningless.

Power corrupts? An absolute lie. Propaganda from a corrupt man trying to suppress his natural predator.

The corrupt seek power.

Thus it is imperative that the just seek power even more fervently. Should you seek justice, seek first to be mighty.

Might is right? An absolute lie. Obviously the just would rather mind their own business, but the corrupt have none of their own business to mind. Without intervention, without discipline, the corrupt will have power and the just will not. 

There is a grace. Might isn't right, but right is might. Truth is indeed power. If a truth isn't powerful it isn't true enough. The corrupt cannot use this resource, because the truth is they should be found under a headman or a gibbet. The just have an immutable advantage on the path to power.

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