Monday, May 10, 2021

Price the Sacred

The holy can absolutely be bought and sold. The belief that the sacred is unsaleable  is one of the most powerful profane forces, in fact. 

E.g. you can buy the ability to speak your true thoughts. Maybe not always directly with money, but you can always buy the relevant inputs with money. If you want to speak truly about America, you should move to Asia. Nobody is going to fire you for using the English word 'faggot' in China. Twitter can ban you as many times as they want, but you'll just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Moving costs money, of course.

Though it is true that pricing the sacred can be complicated. For example, selling a sacred thing to a heathen means destroying the sacred properties, and that change needs to be priced into the sale.

Getting me to lie is expensive these days, but if I could sell it for enough to force two others to tell the truth, why wouldn't I? That's simply a good deal.

Making the sale of the sacred a taboo denies profits and suppresses production. You want to make hitmen and teachers illegal, not priests. All efforts should be expended to make acting sacred a profitable habit.

You have two options: live in and defend a country where the holy get money, or live in and defend a country where the unholy get money. By default money has value, value doesn't have money. However, the latter isn't impossible. Nothing forbids value from accruing money.

Of course, as a proper nihilist, I say you're welcome to choose either.

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Alrenous said...

America is a place where value is actively taxed. The more value you display, the worse both culture and government will come down on you.

Weird. How did such a place become degenerate. I'm so surprised.