Friday, May 14, 2021

State Capacity vs. Anglo Ruling Style

America has lots of State capacity, but doesn't like to use it since it risks the responsibility-laundering scheme. 

E.g. remember the lite-brites in Boston? They immediately shut down the whole city. It's not that they can't shut cities down at will, they merely choose not to. Epstein got whacked in broad daylight. You think they can't weld some doors shut and make the press look the other way?

It's gauche. Anglos are supposed to make you think it was your own idea. They don't tell you what to do directly, like some filthy peasant boss. E.g. you're supposed to come up with the idea of stealing the election on your own, not have to be told what and how to do it during a witching-hour Zoom call. There's a bit of a competition to see who can use the most scapegoats and cutouts. It's very hard to change your class in America, but using direct instruction instead of manipulation is a great way to get booted from high society. Everyone will turn on you instantly.

By contrast, an evolutionary or emergent system would sometimes be brilliant, and sometimes forget to whack key witnesses, blatantly admit to forging votes, etc. Evolution does not produce a uniform grey Communist malaise.

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