Wednesday, May 26, 2021


Don't worry, I'm aware nobody cares about this post.

Rectified name: infanticide.

If you allow infanticide there's no particular reason not to allow adulticide. I'm okay with adulticide, so I don't have a problem with infanticide. 90th term abortion? Yeah whatever, just don't do it in secret. Take responsibility for having done it.

Also the fetus cannot possibly be conscious before it has a brain. However, artificial miscarriage has strong negative effects on the mother, who does have a consciousness. It's 12 weeks or so, if you were curious. Of course you can just check with an ultrasound, so a priori judgments are unnecessary. 

P.S. Ultrasounds are probably dangerous, but if you're planning infanticide anyway, that doesn't matter. Ultrasounds are supposed to be below the required energies to do damage, but rogue waves exist, so doctors, as usual, are quacks.

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