Monday, May 24, 2021

Complex Systems as Described for the Middle Class

"In complex systems, you must assume 1) you don't know all of the relevant mechanisms at play 2) there is the potential for interactions you don't understand or foresee Failing to acknowledge these amounts to scientism"


Step 1: Make a prototype.
Step 2: Scale the prototype.
Step 3: Perpetrate logiomancy on the scaled prototype. 

If you've completed step 3, you've tried and do fucking know.

Though fun fact if you have functional-level literacy you can just read history since someone has already tried it. By 'functional' I'm not sure if I mean the 2% level 5 stuff, or like level 6. (The joke is academics don't acknowledge levels of literacy higher than 5.) The middle class does not have functional literacy and has to simply submit to their ignorance, as it is incurable. 

Anyway, sociology is easy. Hardly even need steps 1 and 2. In fact, Stalin's Russia worked exactly the way Stalin wanted it work. You can tell because he wasn't flailing. He didn't repeal anything etc.
Joe Norman self-doxxed; he believes he can safely assume social approval, which means he's gone full slave. His tweet is mostly cope. His masters have royally buggered his country, but he has to keep obeying them, so they must have some excuse for being comically evil, such as being comically stupid. Further, egalitarianism: Joe Norman isn't literate, and therefore his masters must also be illiterate. Even they're comically stupid, everyone is perfectly identical so it's not like there's someone better suited to the job, right? Right.

Double check: do Joe's master know about the prototype/scale stuff? They sure do. Ask your local government to let you do phase I trials to prototype a new type of government. See if you can trick or scam them into allowing it. They know damn fine their government is non-competitive and is so weak it can't afford any contrasting examples. They're not even slightly wrong about this.

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