Thursday, May 13, 2021

Innocence Hatred

The findings of logiomancy are consistent: when you notice schools are for torturing children, it suggests the host culture hates innocence.
Then you discover this culture had to have decades of debate to figure out that babies can feel pain. 

In reality, of course babies can feel pain. It's absurd to suppose otherwise. Anyone even vaguely reasonable would assume they can unless there was some very shocking and very substantial proof the contrary. Even if there was some weird local incentive, outsiders should have flatly forced doctors to use anaesthetic, regardless of how 'unscientific' it was.

The point of doing surgery on babies without anaesthetic was to inflict suffering on purpose, because the culture is fundamentally evil.

They like babies because babies can't fight back and frequently don't remember enough to sue later. They knew full well what they were doing, but did it anyway. Even now they would do surgery without anaesthetic except moms, who sometimes can fight, complain too much.

Since schooling in America dates to 1880, we can be certain that even allegedly "Christian" America was still fundamentally evil. Due to boarding schools and such, we can definitively date England being fundamentally evil to several centuries prior. Rome was also fond of inflicting pain for the sake of inflicting pain.

Christianity rather undersold the reality of the phenomenon they call original sin.

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