Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Hyperinflation Watch

When asset prices spike this much, as they've recently done in the US, the natural reaction is hyperinflation. Bailouts => money printing => more inflation => price buggering => more bailouts, etc. 

They may be savvy enough to interrupt this process. They're not nearly as stupid as they pretend to be. It is in fact possible they'll think of this one-line feedback loop themselves. Unfortunately none of the relevant decisions will show up in the news. Hopefully some insiders will post them on Twitter or something.

Luckily if there is a hyperinflation event it will be the last one. America will unavoidably transition to BTC. This might cause the government as a whole to collapse, though. They may also be aware of this, which forms the pressure which can make them suck up the short-term pain for the long-term gain. 

P.S. Of course transitioning to BTC would be the real long-term gain, but the Fed would make everyone's life temporarily hell if you tried to indirectly fire them like that. It's more short-term pain vs. medium-term gain. Long-term gain is not on the table.

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