Thursday, March 31, 2022

Costs of Children vs. Supply of Children

Paying for a child's room, board, and a reasonable number of gifts costs something like $12,000 a year. 

Picking a state more or less at random, Wisconsin's school board spends $13,500 per pupil.

Like most budgets, we can expect the total [child budget] to be fixed. If someone is unnecessarily doubling total cost per child, you should expect total number of children to be halved.

This is exactly what we see.

The market knows.

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JBPguy said...

I like your thinking on this, but consider.

Child budget remains fixed, but parental identity is low status, and permanent, immutable breeding contracts are illegal. Therefore, must maintain "I am at breeding age" identity.

Therefore "status maintenance" budget, (Status is necessary to have quality children), remains high.

Bonus round : Why do single mothers spend so much maintaining their appearance? Need to maintain breeding age identity.

Why won't women blanket condemn women with children posting themselves on Onlyfans? It makes rational sense for them to be on there. They cannot enter the "mother" archetype, because, status will lower, and therefore, will not be able to have more quality children.