Wednesday, March 2, 2022

General Problem of Human Authority

Unless you find someone effectively 100% trustworthy, you can only trust yourself. Have to filter out their garbage. In that case, why are you bothering to read them in the first place? By necessary assumption, you yourself are effectively 100% trustworthy. Every moment you spend filtering out corruption is a moment you could have spent thinking it up for yourself. 

Broke: reading
Woke: reinventing the wheel

It's not that there aren't any reasons to read them, but they're rare and unless you enjoy wasting your time, it's important to know which one you're chasing so you know when it stops working. 

Hack: science. Collect all the worthless assertions, subject them to experiment. It's hardly perfect, as you'll find out when someone's theory doesn't replicate. They will go on and on about how you "misinterpreted" what they said. "Your methodology is faulty, see, when I try it again it totally works. Conflict of interest? What's that? Is it tasty?" Nevertheless, it works enough.

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