Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Anti-Sailer Heresy Series 3

Re: honour
By losing his cool Smith dishonoured his wife. Rock didn’t make her go bald and saying she’s bald isn’t going to make her more bald. Yes, mentioning it is rude, especially as a joke. “Okay man, I’ma have to hit you now. Why you gotta make me do this?” *whack* “You gonna talk about my wife again?” Just keep hitting him until he agrees to stop.

But that’s all it is: kinda rude. Americans are kinda rude literally all the time. If you start consistently hitting everyone who does it, your hands will fall off before you run out of disrespect.
By getting angry, Smith makes it look like has something to hide. He looks desperate. Would you want to be married to a man desperately trying to hide something?

My first guess is Smith himself is thinking of leaving her for that exact shallow reason, and has to double down on acting committed because he’s afraid someone will notice.
Alt: he’s aware everyone is saying this and also aware he can’t do anything about it, but he can’t accept this military reality. He can’t accept his lack of control and is desperately pretending he has it.
I could narrow it down, but that would mean spending time and giving a shit, and I truly do not.

Note that you can’t just haul off on a guy. It has to be part of a negotiating strategy. You’re trying to reach or uphold an agreement. The point isn’t wanton violence.
Or rather, for Smith, the point is wanton violence. Quite possibly for Rock too, at that, albeit verbal violence.

Also if he openly refuses to shut up you have to kill him or die trying, so there’s that. Smith is dishonourable and his pretense to the contrary is sufficiently repulsive. You can’t stop half-way. “Well, my wife is worth some violence and risk…but not too much. Sorry toots.” 


P.S. Some of my previous comments weren't merely held in moderation for three days, but outright deleted at the end of the holding period. Shadowbanning at its finest. Very dishonourable.

Apparently I'm threatening enough to be worth the effort of cherry-picking comments to censor, so that's interesting.


JBPGuy said...


First, I was pretty sure the Will Smith thing was fake. Like, it's not in character for the man and additionally being a bigger badass publicly instead of a weak cuck will help him get roles.

I mean, he knows how to actually punch. He could have broken Chris Rocks jaw no problem.

Additionally, people call him a cuck, because he's a cuck, and he has to prove he's a real man. (I mean, in Will Smiths worldview, it's clear that he thinks leaving his wife for cheating is unreasonable, since, she did it because she was unhaaaaaaaaaappy).

But now I think I'm convinced it's actually real. He laughed at a joke about his wife, because he hates her, then realises that he's on camera laughing about a joke about his wife and that he hates her and that everything they're saying about him is true. He had to overcorrect. Which is why he pulled his attack - he made it look like he put in a lot of effort, but did not really hit Chris Rock very hard at all.

This would all be solved so much more neatly if he was allowed to duel with the guy who banged his wife.

Alrenous said...

Bonus round: her baldness is probably self-inflicted. It "afflicts Bantu-American women" because they do horrific things to their hair and then the scalp rebels.

Double bonus round: likely Smith alieves that being bald* is a good reason to leave his "wife." Rock reminds him that he should be allowed to but isn't.

*Or, you know, being adulterous. I know when I'm unhaaaapy with my bank, I get to walk into their vault and start looting bills, right? That's how this works? Or default on my loans without any credit rating hits?