Thursday, March 31, 2022

Straight-Up Banned at Sailer's

Mission successful.

Technically shadowbanned, since the comments remain in moderation hell for days, which means I can retrieve them while remaining lazy. Functionally can't post anything. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'ma say Sailer's been bought by the CIA. Don't worry - Big Sister appreciates your loyalty, SS. Everyone has their price, and for journalists, that price is always affordable. Why presume incompetence when malice is so plausible? 

You can tell Unz can't be genuinely threatening to the Regime, because it hasn't received the Gab treatment. Indeed surviving this long is prima facie evidence of Regime sponsorship. Recent behaviour is only a little more than confirmation. 

You're allowed to be a little dissident, but not too dissident. Naturally anyone mentioning this in what they believe is a plausible way will also get banned.

BTW the game is to troll without saying anything untrue or misrepresentative. Be completely honest, forthright, on topic, and devastating to the target psyche. Prodding an atheist's sacred cows until they snap is the most amusing. "I don't hold anything sacred." "lol"


Anonymous said...

LOL I always get banned. It doesn’t help I can’t write well. But mostly it’s nrx can’t deal with certain impieties.
Criticizing moldberg is one which seems to include any questioning of Jewish leadership in general. I liked Curtis writing even at blowhards but he’s not the messiah it’s not impossible he’s actually a clever Jew anticipating a conservative revival and neo reaction is neoconservatives 2.0
Jim didn’t like me opposing his idea that 10 year old girls are whores now he’s found religion he doesn’t like me pointing out Jesus was a SJW
Land didn’t like me pointing out he’s a Marxist professor who like nrx because it’s accelerating Marxism. Oh he calls it techno capitalism but he’s slippery. When the capitalists are your rulers then the state owns the means of production funny that. So when I point out he and moldy are basically proposing DAVOS meets elysium and that’s the problem we have not the solution we need I’m labeled a communist if I point out most of those capitalist techlords that currently rule us are Jews as is moldberg and lands wife and kids I’m a neo nazi socialist. I’m not I’m just saying if we’re hones capitalism has destroyed us more than socialism and frankly the same people are in control of both and playing good cop bad cop with us.

Alrenous said...

Have some quibbles, but yes.

Land isn't as bad as he looks. I expect you're seeing Anglo jokes as non-jokes. His problems are with being an atheist-materialist with an unprincipled exception for demons. Like, wat bro? "Hey spirituality is cool actually, so let's praise some devils, because there isn't anything else." Genuine madness.

"Consciousness doesn't exist so intelligence is deadness."