Sunday, March 13, 2022

Hypothesis one: Curtis Yarvin has fallen completely into delusion. Fever dreams break out from nightmare prisons and haunt his every waking moment. 

Hypothesis two: my epistemic training regime really does work and I've become smarter again. Moldbug decayed slightly, but the bulk of the delta is on my end. 

Kinda glanced over a few recent pieces and was like, basically, like, "lol, what?" It's not even particularly on-topic anymore.
Hypothesis three: he heard me and was like, "I'll show that thing, it will never say I'm at least on topic again!" I, of course, identify as a pseudonymous block of text. Post-it-note-kin. Don't ask me for my pronouns though, we'll be here all day if I have to pronounce one.

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