Thursday, March 24, 2022

Rightism is Inherently Unpopular Government

By logical necessity, artifacts can be owned by at most one person. However, everyone desires the wealth; ownership is inherently unpopular. Everyone wants, at some level, to vote to take away the wealth and re-distribute it to themselves.

By definition a rightist regime is unpopular government. The more rightist, the more unpopular.  

I staunchly maintain the problem is that taxation is theft. All historical forms of government are founded, right at the core, on a principle of hard leftism. Coercive government is deviant government. Whatever they use to justify taxation will, inevitably, be used to justify additional creeping leftism until the society as a whole is destroyed. The only solution is to give up taxation itself.

Leftism is profoundly anti-social. Ownership is the foundation pre-requisite for wealth. For life itself. Regardless of how popular crime is, it's a bad idea. Science is not a democracy. Logic is not a democracy.

Especially when a society identifies itself by the government, it identifies itself with crime, decay, and failure. Gnon will unconditionally grant this request. Allegorically, every coercive government is in open rebellion against Existence from day zero, the only question is how overt they are about it.

If you create something valuable, you can sell it for money. With very few caveats, a prosocial venture is a profitable venture. Only crime must fund itself with taxation; as a result, everything that funds itself with taxation inevitably becomes crime, hence public choice theory and Conquest's Third Law. 

The history of popular government demonstrates that creeping leftism is the only possible result of any political formula that isn't Exit. Any argument which restricts the criminal-parasitical habits to a small caste will inevitably be used to justify enlarging the caste until you reach modern levels of universal normative parasitism.

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BSRK Aditya said...

> By logical necessity, artifacts can be owned by at most one person.

Once upon a time, there was the bourgeois order, where the owner & the manager was the same.

Now, there is a new order, where the ownership pool is much more concentrated then the managerial pool.

This new order crushed the old order in a market competition.

"Logical necessity" means nothing when you describe the logic of a world that's gone.