Saturday, March 26, 2022

Journalists are Leftist for Popularity Reasons

A good product is popular and thus profitable, but when the product has to first be popular to be a good product, it's an inherently leftist product. 

Journalism first has to become popular to be profitable. 

Hence anyone on Substack inherently has to be bargaining with the Devil, so to speak.


This is what actually happened to Moldbug, by the way. He has a Message. As a result, the Message must be made leftist, so it can be popular.  

Which is one way of explaining why blogging is always godless communism. All that happens if you try to subvert the dynamic is that your blog caps out at ~100 readers, then declines. Even if you get paid it only proves you shouldn't get paid; the more you're paid, the less you deserve it. Journalism is inherently parasitic, inherently criminal. 

P.S. Also inherently irresponsible. If Moldbug wants to own USG so bad, he shouldn't be out here bothering decent folk, he should start buying judges and congressmen; gotta catch 'em all. 

Oh man, imagine a non-evil Moldbug for a second. Instead of blah blah salus populi ramble blather, he founds the "Buy USG" collective action committee. "The purpose of this group is to raise enough donations to buy the whole of DC." Turns out it really is the case that every political insult is true. Psychologizing at a distance is deprecated precisely because it's so easy that everyone can do it. Moldbug bangs on about how he's unqualified to "accept" power precisely because he feels he deserves to have it simply handed to him and need to deflect the idea. 

I get to claim to be a proper anti-activist passivist because nobody reads my blog. If I got readers I should have to seriously reconsider my positions.


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BSRK Aditya said...

> I get to claim to be a proper anti-activist passivist because nobody reads my blog.

Maybe this is a joke, but I'll take it seriously anyway.

"Anti-activist" means that you are not drawing the fire of regime onto yourself. This is a relative assessment.

For example, in the case of corona - the convoy is a fail whereas eugyppius is a pass.