Friday, April 1, 2022

Journalism vs. Gresham's Law

Bad words drive out good. 

Debasement of language. 

Not an accident. Very intentional. Good words are a threat to the Regime and must be suppressed. Luckily it turns out the peasantry has an endless appetite for bad words in any case. 

Driving out good words with an endless supply of bad is what free "speech" is for.

Hot tip: don't form a regime so delicate that a decent supply of good prose is an existential threat to your society. 

One of the reasons you need to have a real neighbourhood, with both physical and allegorical fences, is because bad words drive out good. Talk is cheap and thus oversupplied, and in particular the worst words are oversupplied. Need to keep this sewage out with some sort of dike. A manned and well-maintained dike, or your neighbourhood will become a slum.

However, publishing is not cheap. Hosting (or paper) and bandwidth (delivery in general) cost money. If the words aren't profitable they will go out of business. In this case market discipline destroys the bad words. Big 'ol prayer to Gnon.

Thus the State must destroy market discipline and underhandedly fund "free" publishing, re-asserting the dominance of bad words over good.

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