Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Significant Addition to Fascism: Inevitability of Panem et Circenses

Fascism always decays into a panem et circenses regime. It's so fast it's hard to call it 'decay' although there is a brief period, like 5-10 years, where it isn't quite there yet. Due to the unworkable socialist economy and venal materialism, the subjects can't do anything and wouldn't have anything to do even if they could. They must be constantly bought off with State handouts ("free" medicine for those who can still afford food) and distracted from the endless parade of Fascist failures. 

Maybe panem, circenses, et bellum. War is a great distraction too. Some dumbass American said war is the health of the State - but of course this is only true under Fascism, which is so desperate for someone to blame that all the broken windows seem like a small price to pay. If you're winning a war then they can claim to be winning, and if you're losing the war they can blame the terrible Hun/Russian/Terrorist instead of socialism. Rogues states China blah blah blah yeah sure buddy, I guess peasants really are that gullible, so I can't blame you for trying it.

Heck, maybe panem, circenses, bellum, et pestis. Seems like a "plague" makes for a great thing to blame too. Never forget a recession was scheduled for about now, ncov or no ncov. The longer they hold onto 0% interest rates, the worse it is going to be. It's very hard for profitable businesses to compete against wealth furnaces with interest rates so very different from inflation rates.

Fascism deliberately promotes the four horsemen; the regime genuinely sees disease and war as less threatening than its own policies. Problem: disease and war lead to famine (and vice versa), which fucks with the panem part of the formula. Fascism is really, really a terrible idea. Evil isn't really real but all the things you intuitively call "evil" (when you're not being scammed) are indeed self-destructive.

As should not be particularly surprising, given that Fascism is Satanism.

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