Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Yet More Anti-Sailer Heresy

There are three dominance hierarchies.

Physical dominance, intellectual dominance, and social dominance. Beating a dude up, being right when the other guy isn’t right, and having more friends.

One of the reasons cops kinda don’t care what you say to them is because they’re (low-end) warrior-caste. The very fact you’re trying to use words on them merely reinforces that they have physical superiority.
Sadly the low-end nature of the job makes them freak out if someone carries a bigger gun and thus upends the dynamic. Nevertheless, it’s a good illustration of how intellectual games are inherently seen as irrelevant by the warrior caste.

Likewise the scholar caste has that whole “ad baculum” thing. If I have your number you can hit me as hard as you want, it doesn’t stop me from having your number. You can’t threaten a plane into flying or intimidate a bridge into staying up. Truth can’t be shot down, regardless of how big your gun is. (Don’t forget to thank your local scholar for knowing how to build a big gun.)

I don’t quite understand the merchant caste. They seem to be very interested, in all times and places, in pretending to be either scholar caste or warrior caste.
The merchant caste absolutely freaks out if a real scholar deigns to debate with them, since they immediately start losing catastrophically. Freaking out like an intellectual cop who sees someone with bigger intellectual guns. “You have no friends!” You can’t shame a bridge into staying up either, buddy. The fact you’re trying it is proof you’re incompetent, and know or should have known you’re incompetent.

The castes have something of a rock-paper-scissors relationship. Warrior shoves nerd into locker. Scholar debunks scammer. Merchant bribes thug. America functions on a nerd-scammer axis. The nerds baffle the scammers into bribing the thugs into not shoving them into lockers, regardless of how obnoxious they’re acting.

Warriors have to know what’s what, or Reality’s teaching stick takes the form of a literal stick beating them over the head. For upper-tier warriors, they will actually die. Turns out this is sufficiently motivating. Delusion has a short half-life among warriors.

Scholars need to know what’s what, or the other scholars will eat their lunch. The whole point of the scholar caste is to understand the inhuman world, and every scholar knows this in their bones. Anyway, at the end of the day, your code either compiles or it doesn’t. The bridge stays up or it doesn’t. At this point all the clever arguments fall to dust.

Merchants can get away with ritualizing everything. They deal almost exclusively with other merchants. As long as everyone agrees to play along, none of them will even notice the discrepancy between Reality and social reality.
Unfortunately Gnosticism is basically religious narcissism. You may have heard, but narcissism is a serious mental illness.

“Democracy” is supposed to be a merchant-caste thing. Popularity contests. Corrupt scholars love this, because paper beats rock. Nerd bamboozles scammer. 




This was posted in response to a ridiculous, yet disgusting clown

Or more precisely, failed to be posted. Apparently these are the facts that Sailer stays awake at night worrying about the propagation of.
I can't explain it, I just know that when alleged free-speech advocates censor, it stems from fear.


CovfefeAnon said...

Disagree on the object level of the original question.

Blacks shoot at people for social reasons because they have a different mating style.

"Who can make a big show of being the big man in a lek-style mating market where violence is symbolic?"

Whites and Asians use violence to control territory because they have an ancestral background where territory has economic returns which blacks do not.

Alrenous said...

Nothing is bigger than being able to kill your enemies. At least, according to women.
Shooting at them and killing a bunch of people except them is embarrassing to everyone.
They're trying to control social territory, which is clearly of value to them.

That is, unless it's all ritual. Whether anyone dies at all doesn't matter, it's all about Sending a Message. Indeed, better they survive so you have an excuse to Send a Message again next week. And next month.

Sounds extremely stupid to me. That's how you get inside a Bantu mind: if it doesn't sound extremely stupid, you're not there yet.