Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Coal-Fired Plants are Anti-Christian

Which is why the environmentalists hate them.

To Christians, every fire is hellfire. It's all allegorically inferno. Prometheus is just Satan avante le lettre. 

Worse, coal plants are Luciferian. Fire, used to produce light? Used to produce power? Making you more capable? Must be pure evil, right? 

Electricity makes it cheaper to be healthy. That's not very Gnostic at all, so every devout Christian hates it. You're supposed to mortify the flesh, not enliven it. 

Communism is merely Christianing like you mean it. Clearly a truly dedicated congregation would all crucify themselves. This is unrealistic - the last guy would have to hammer the nails into his own hand - so commies go for starvation instead. In the end, dead is dead.

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