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Found the Sailer Free Speech Line

If you say the right thing you can make anyone disavow free speech.

Round 1

I know for certain these folk have zero control over anything because I could personally mind-control them near-trivially. Give me 15 minutes alone with one of them and I would have total dominance over their schedule for the entire day. Give me a few hours and I have them for months.

Option 1: I’m some sort of manipulative super-intelligence who makes Machiavelli look like a naive little girl with a Disney princess obsession. A one-in-quadrillion outlier or something absurd.

Option 2: there are in fact lots of folk who are at least as good at it as I am.

People like Ketanji Brown Jackson and Victoria Nuland are particularly easy to manipulate. It’s almost literally this simple: “Hey, have you thought of starting a war in Ukraine?” “Oh man I just had this great idea: start a war in Ukraine!” “Oh wow you’re so smart how could you ever come up with that.” “I no, rite!?? Anyway, can’t talk now, I have to go start a war in the Ukraine!” “Gee that sounds hard, good luck.” I would have hired them in the first place exactly for this valuable characteristic. (Or rather, “advised” their predecessor to hire someone like them.)

Narcissists of this variety are so desperate to steal the credit that they’ll never tell anyone where they’re getting their ideas from, often not even themselves. It’s way more dangerous to try to manipulate an honourable non-plagiarist, as they’ll out you to anyone who asks. “Yes, I was talking to Alrenous, and…” No no no you useless fuck, don’t– *gack*

In option 1 I could hitch-hike to DC with nothing on the clothes on my back, then talk myself into control of a three-letter agency in like six months. Maybe in two years I have conquered America. Maybe I stay a homeless bum on the streets, as a challenge mode, and it takes three years instead. All hail Diogenes, philosopher-king. Or rather don’t, as that would spoil the game.

In option 2 attempting such a thing would be extremely dangerous more or less because it’s already happened. Someone has already mind-controlled Victoria Nuland and they’ll notice if her programming suddenly changes. It’s then simply a matter of saying to her, “Hey, I think Alrenous is trying to manipulate you!” and she goes into ballistic monkey-screeching mode. Very amusing, except of course I’m out of a job. And probably out of a life, when someone tells Hillary Clinton that I have evidence that could lead to her arrest.

It should go without saying: to do this, they have to know my name first. Hence, the very first thing I do is hire someone to manipulate Nuland on my behalf, so even if she has a brain fart and outs her manipulator, I’m in the clear. Or rather “hire,” naturally I don’t do anything silly like leave a money trail leading to me. I manipulate someone into manipulating Nuland.

I’m not particularly fussed about whether you believe option 1 or option 2. However, between them they span the entire possibility space. If you believe something else…well, have you considered starting a war in the Ukraine? What if you got Russia bogged down fighting Azov? 

Round 2

It blows up the narrative because judge is a phenotype, not a trained skill. Here in particular Reality is extremely undemocratic.

Judge hierarchy is extremely linear: higher judges can instantly assess anyone below them on the totem pole, and find anyone above completely opaque. Lower judges are all like, “Nobody could have known,” as they suffer severely from Dunning-Kruger. They can’t imagine how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Worse, the law, properly speaking, is merely a record of what judge phenotypes think. Anyone above a certain threshold can produce good law on demand in ten minutes or less. Rule of Law is in fact Rule by Particular Kind of Man. Rule of Man is Rule by Men Other Than That Particular Kind.

But don’t worry: it turns out demand for law is low and demand for travesty is high. The market, as per usual, is satisfying demand as well as is feasibly possible. Getting actual Judges into the judge job description isn’t particularly hard, but that requires humility. Humility is, naturally, treated like a hazardous waste product to be minimized at all costs.

Working out what folk actually want is what price signals are for. And now we know. 

Round 3

Pinker is a liar. To the extent he’s correct, it’s due to the fact life is vastly more valuable under capitalism than under alternative systems. The value of an average man today is something like $700,000, compared to $50,000 in the dark ages. Frivolously spending $50,000 is something downright common. Nobody frivolously spends nearly a million dollars. (Women are worth around $400,000.)

In Reality, violence (especially crime) is increasing and has been increasing for at least 120 years, even if all you’re talking about is raw incidents of trespass. E.g. aggravated assault, the kind of crime that leads to murder if untreated, is up 40 times per capita or so since 1900. Never mind that, given the increasing value of life, the total economic cost of trespass has skyrocketed.

As I like to mention: what if Bantu-American children would prefer to have fathers?

Note that I am personally capable of reducing your city’s crime rate to Singaporean levels, except of course the methods I would use are illegal. This is not a difficult or rare skill set. Instead, crime is being promoted on purpose. Luckily the promoters are rather criminal-minded and can’t quite focus on the task.

It’s important so I’m going to say it again: effective crime suppression is illegal.
That’s Leviathan as it appears in Reality.

To get decreasing violence Pinker had to have deep knowledge of statistical fudges. There used to be a trend toward lower violence, but not within living memory.

Further, peace is bad. In general when folk get into a fight there’s a good reason. Even animals can work out that unnecessary violence is unnecessary. Only brain-damaged humans can’t.
Peace generally takes the form of a non-slave surrendering to slavery. If cooperation was on the rise, that would be good and incidentally peaceful, but that’s not the case. Rather, insofar as e.g. bar brawls are less common, it’s the fact that Prussian school teaches you to grovel in the face of treacherous defection instead of fighting back. Call it Christianity+.

In Pinker’s world, if you peacefully hand the mugger your wallet, it’s a gift, not a crime.

The actual outcome of the Rights Revolutions appears to be more freedom for the upper reaches of society and more prison for the bottom.

Chamley-Judd Redistribution Impossibility theorem or the equivalent Malcanis’ Law.

Not only is redistribution impossible, it increases the gap. At this point it’s clear that redistribution is attempted exactly because it increases the gap. Sheer sadism. (But don’t worry, it’s peaceful sadism, and extremely legal. Line make go down, it’s all good.)

Contra egalitarianism, social status isn’t some accident, but a nearly pure genetic trait. If you try to redistribute social status, all that happens is the previous winners use their social skills to win again, and the expense of the attempt falls almost entirely on the previous losers. They keep trying it because this result is the intended result.

By the way the Flynn effect doesn’t apply to subtests like math, reading, or writing. It applies mainly to stuff like picture arrangement. All other indications show IQ is declining somewhat precipitously.

Round 4

     But not forever. A day of reckoning will come. Oh will a day of reckoning come!

…for both sides. It is unlikely that Justitia will look kindly on anyone who engaged directly in these affairs.

Of course, it’s not up to me. None of my business. Between them and her. Merely an educated guess on my part.

Reminder that being born Amish puts you a billion dollars ahead in terms of life satisfaction compared to being born American. This is not exactly due to some kind of Amish vibranium supertechnology.



Steve seems pretty honest and may very well have taken the positions he did because he believed in them. The same can’t be said of others. Newly released documents show that the federal government paid hundreds of news organizations to promote the Covid

You know, I don't believe Sailer is honest anymore. Feels off. I think I need proof he didn't take this dosh. 

That said, it doesn't matter operationally even if he did. The affordances are the same either way.

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