Tuesday, March 15, 2022

News From the Heavens: How Fallen is Humanity, Really?

As you may know, it's almost as hard to see Earth from the heavens as it is to see the heavens from the Earth.

The problem is that there's a big difference between humanity being Satan's creation and Satan being humanity's creation. 

Perhaps it is really is the world the children made?

If you leave a bunch of kids without adult supervision, very naturally you'll get Lord of the Flies. If Satan didn't exist, humanity would have to create him. 

Having executed Satan, what happens if you run this experiment again? You get the same result. If you merely rewind the videotape don't expect a different ending.

However, you add supervision, and things turn out differently. Fiat vox veritatis, ruat caelum. Worth trying, at least. 

By contrast, if the Bible is basically true except the author was Satan, then Satan created humanity. No wonder they're so "fallen," I mean, duh. It's not a bunch of sadly confused potential worshippers, it's a pest species. It's not merely a privilege to wipe it out, it's a duty. Maybe start over, maybe leave Earth comfortably nonsapient. Vigeat Veritas et pereat hominis. 

Did you notice I'm softballing the issue? What if it's not the Earth that's critically immature, but the heavens? What if your so-called "gods" are the ones that need the adult supervision which seems to be AWOL?

Why was Satan allowed to run around loose for so long?

Naturally, if you let a bunch of children run wild, you get Lord of the Flies. Maybe you even congratulate them on not immediately dying; graded on the proper curve they're doing great. Still gonna die, but man they really postponed the inevitable.

In this scenario, Yeshua was truly berserk. He wanted to anaesthetize humanity until it was definitely too late. Perhaps, had the species realized nobody was coming to save them, they might have done what was necessary to save themselves. In extremis, if they really have no choice, even children grow up.

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