Saturday, March 12, 2022

Looking forward to knowing how the woke capital morons are going to explain that closing nearly a thousand McDonald's in Russia is just good business. Definitely not due to political pressure bro, that's just the inevitable forces of free trade and why we all need to retvrn to monke.

It's funny because they won't even try.

It really is Putler in one sense: Hitler was responding to irresponsible plausibly-deniable under-the-table why-are-you-hitting-yourself attacks with an overt, honourable, literal-war-declaration attack. Putin has done exactly the same thing. 

Hitler lost because he was a Satanist. He honoured Mars at the last minute, only when desperate. Mars was like, "You serious, bro?" Hitler was all like, "Well, no, actually." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ He got a small blessing, then it ran out and he went kaput.
Putin has been consistently anti-Satanist. (As has Jinping Xi.) He honours Mars. We shall see if he honours Mars enough.

It is entirely possible that, as in most wars, both sides deserve to lose. If so, they will.  


America is a Panem et Circenses regime.

Problem: every political formula is perverse. Virgin following the formula vs. Chad raping the formula right up the ass and getting away with it. Except you don't get away with messing with the panem or circenses.

Gamergate was the Regime trying to get away with messing with the circenses.
They kneeled at the Superbowl, and it (not to mention the Olympics) are completely fucked this year. Hey Jinping, don't hold Satanist rituals in your country, you idiot.

Conquering the Ukraine was the Regime trying to mess with the Panem.
They just can't help themselves. Power, kratia, is addictive. You develop tolerance, you develop the shakes, and then...

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