Sunday, March 13, 2022

Prediction Thwarted: Trucker Edition

Most mutations are neutral, not beneficial or detrimental, and most predictions are inconclusive, not falsified or confirmed.

A great example is the trucker thing. What would have happened if the Ukraine war hadn't broken out? Well, now it's impossible to say. 

While I would have picked up right where I left off the instant the news calmed down again, I have no such faith in even the most hard-working of voters. They will in all likelihood get bored and wander off before they have any chance for someone to pay attention to them a second time. They have a great opportunity to hit back, assuming they're not the total pussies the Regressive Inquisition hysterically insisted they were. However, they are still properly schooled and thus infantilized, and thus lack that silly 'attention span' thing. 

If they try to hit back when the news opens up again, then predictions can be confirmed or denied. If they don't, well, apparently the correct prediction was the supremely boring "nobody will ever know, lol." 

Still, it was certainly coincidental how so many jurisdictions dropped ncov restrictions all of a sudden, now wasn't it? As I said: it would, regardless, work out for me in particular.

Plus of course I'm pro-war. Glory to Mars. Stop pretending you don't hate each other and fight it out already. I shouldn't even need to say, but of course war is enormously costly. Pax Americana is worse. 

Come to think, probably means Pax Romana was also worse. The peasants loved it, which is itself a big black mark. Very bad reputation. 

Double regardless: Putin is just doing the trucker protest, but properly. If you want to aim for the king, don't leave your gun at home. Though to be fair, I suppose the truckers, like all Canadian voters, are children, and in general children shouldn't be allowed unsupervised access to firearms.

America is fleeing the scene and invoking the emergencies act in a panic, but internationally. Putin will demonstrate what bringing a gun to a gunfight accomplishes when up against a Trudea Tyrant.

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