Tuesday, March 29, 2022


Step 1: woman goes into public woman's bathroom.

Step 2: even if they've somehow never been before, "Wait, a woman's been in here. A woman has used this." They know what that means.

Step 3: hover.

I wonder if there's a selection effect. I wonder if most already know the following advice: plan not to use the public restroom. Find a way to avoid it. Result: only the most mindless segment of the population ends up in these places.

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JBPguy said...

re: selection effect
Nope. Happens in the office. Many a time I have seen an all staff email indicating that someone has smeared shit everywhere in a cubicle and the toilet is closed.

Cleaning up your own mess would be obvious and shameful. You make a mess, you clean it up, people are going to notice you cleaning it. So just walk away and no one will know.

Taking responsibility = potentially losing face.