Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Your culture is broken and it's helpful to remember what a non-broken culture would say about it. 

Non-broken rule: don't meddle with someone else's feelings unless they're literally a child and you're biologically their parent. Exception: their feelings are meddling with yours, and thus meddling back counts as self-defence. Otherwise, it's very much their responsibility to ask for help, should they desire help with their feelings.

I think the fact I have to say this out loud is yet again a manifestation of Fascism, specifically feminine Fascism. Women have the urge to meddle with the feelings of others because they need opportunities to signal their willingness and demonstrate their ability to nurture small children.

How it's supposed to work: woman tries to meddle, everyone rolls their eyes, realizes she's too idle, cockblocks her 100%, then finds something for her to do. The archetypal case would be redirecting her towards her own children or grandchildren. They probably need more supervision than they're getting, and it turns out she's not busy. No children? I'm sure her husband would prefer more...attention, which will in due course solve the problem with no further intervention. That or husband-hunting. Secondly, women need hobbies too. Ideally ones where she produces a saleable product on no particular schedule, because children allot you free time on no particular schedule. Sexism wasn't the reason knitting became a female thing, geniuses. 

How it actually works: men running around trying to prove their feminine bona fides.

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