Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Refresher: Mascline Fascism is Less Stable


"1/3 Rereading Burnham’s Suicide of the West, I note that nothing has really changed in 50 years and the same phenomena go on. This raises the question: how did the West survive? Were the Soviets just more retarded than American libs? Was liberalism slowed in the West?"

More retarded? Yes, basically.

Masculine Fascism vs. Feminine Fascism.
Fascism is retarded, but women aren't very principled. Even if you call her on her hypocrisy and lies, she won't feel threatened and feels no need to change her behaviour. Hence she allows anti-Fascism when it's good for the goose. Men under feminine Fascism also behave this way, as it both excuses the behaviour and requires it.

Secondly masculine Fascism involves constantly deprecating women, which nobody likes. Women don't like it and men don't like doing it. Constantly deprecating nice disposable men is much less psychologically taxing for everyone involved. It makes the system seem more legitimate.

Thirdly women are equal and men are unequal. Women's value to society is primarily being a womb; barren women are so rare they can be (and are) ignored. Her value to society varies slightly but not enough to matter. She is egalitarian. Men's value varies widely, which is an offence to the egalitarian faith. Fascism is much more comfortable seeing men as abomination.
On the rebound, men are fine with deprecating "men" because it's easy to equivocate. Because men are unequal, there's men and then there's men. "I'm one of the rare valuable, non-disposable men. I'm only slagging off the average, shitty man." Women also make this transmutation. "My boyfriend is a MAN, he's not like those toxic/sexist men." Until he pisses her off or spills a drink or whatever, anyway.


Alrenous said...

"Women's prerogative is to change her mind," means you're never supposed to hold her responsible for being completely fuckin' wrong. Being stupid unto mindlessness, you should treat her bad decisions exactly the same as one who made good decisions. She never actually made decisions after all.

Or rather, she can still have children so you might as well impregnate a bitch. It's not like she's good for anything else, right guys?

Given this dynamic seems to be a fixed point in sociology, it is not a mystery that past societies did not allow women to own property (be responsible for disposition of property) or choose her own husband (be responsible for disposition of property), since she faces no incentive to make any kind of responsible decision.

Anonymous said...

Masculine fascism attacks insufficiently fascist men as effeminate, and compares them to inferior women.

Feminine fascism never seems to attack women who act masculine. (I don't think I have observed insufficiently fascist women.)

Alrenous said...

Women never really get that masculine.
Femininity, pregnancy aside, is more of a style. Masculinity requires getting shit done, and women sort of can't. "You failed so obviously it's cute." Same way a man's shirt only emphasizes that there's breasts under there.

Fem Fascist masculinization only proceeds far enough to make the feminine-acting men barely not-totally farcical.

Anonymous said...

There are women (e.g. bulldyke types) who act masculine in a completely non-cute, extremely annoying way. As far as I can tell the fascist approach is to pretend these types don't exist. Which get interpreted by bulldykes as some kind of oppression when it's probably better than any workable alternative ways fascists could treat them.

I am the anon above, by the way.

Alrenous said...

If it wasn't fake (and gay) masculinity it wouldn't be annoying. We can imagine a bull dyke who knows her way around power tools and likes sports because it's fun and not due to desperation to prove something, but we have to imagine because it doesn't exist in reality.
Also if she dressed well and accepted her her-ness the rest of the time, it probably wouldn't be wholly annoying. They do the opposite of dressing well precisely to avoid this result.

I can pretend they don't exist because I've never met a bull dyke. I've only seen reports and descriptions.

Anonymous said...

Pretty much nailed it.

I'm going to go make sorrel soup now.