Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Secular Theodicy

Secular humanism worships humanity exactly like an omnipotent creator god, which means theodicy applies to humanity.

Why would a benevolent humanity commit the holodomor or the holocaust? Regressive "solution:" they were tempted by Satan uh I mean Hitler. 

Reality: humanity isn't benevolent. Easy. 

Jehovah couldn't find a virtuous man in all of the Earth, except for Noah. Then he couldn't find a dozen virtuous men in all of Gomorrah. The Bible is basically correct about this. Broke: genocide is wrong. Woke: genocide was found to be insufficient. 

P.S. You think it's a coincidence that Stalin starts with S, ends with N, and has a T in the middle? Naturally Regressives can't bring themselves to hate him. The first Whig was etc etc.

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