Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Flyover Country

Diogenes pointed out it was impossible to find an honest man in the Athens of his time. This, by itself, is sociologically fatal. It is also impossible to find an honest man in America. It was likely also impossible to find an honest man in the Egypt of Ipuwer. 

Do you think San Franscisco is unaware that most of the country thinks they're batshit insane? They're called [flyover country] so what do you think? They're not out of touch. Flyover country is allowed to be less-left because they're so powerless that converting them isn't worth the effort. Not only that, but given enough time, they'll convert themselves. San Fran knows their less-leftism is a result of betraying their Fascism, and given a choice between a workable society and Fascism, they will pick the latter every time.

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Alrenous said...

Country rubes and effete slicker stereotypes are all fully accurate.

Rubes are unfashionable, so they don't know the hip new Nash Equilibrium strategies. Rubes are superstitious, so they'll side with nurture fundamentalism and theocratic envy once they figure it out.