Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Something to Read Even if Not Hard Up

I will recommend Beware of Chicken.

Having done a negative example earlier, I should do at least one positive example.

Beware of Chicken is at least a good approximation of treating folk with genuine respect. E.g. it turns you can let different folk be different as long as they respect each other's property rights (sometimes called boundaries by sketchy folk). Not only that, but it's a great example of not putting up walls so hard that nobody can approach you.

There's a few things I'm unsure about. A few bits might be unrealistic or caricatured without me noticing. There's one point that's obviously wrong but I think you'll catch it too without me having to say anything. The intent was correct; it was a problem of execution.
On the other hand, for me much of the point of reading is to think about unfamiliar situations.

However, for the most part it's at best the usual paragonization transformation that novels do. It's a regular, healthy guy except unusually healthy - while you can find someone doing all these healthy things in real life, you normally can't find one person doing them all at the same time.
Or: where I disagree with the book (aside from that one spot) it's all things I find reasonable to disagree about. Quite possibly mere matters of taste or, you know, of not being autistic.

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