Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Women are Utopian

"Women complain about the grown version of the same type of men they “raise” as boys."

Women are utopian and 80% ±10% of the time they're complaining about something they fundamentally like. When they genuinely don't like something, they don't express it with interminable chatter. E.g. they express it with screaming and running, or with a single syllable, "Ew!" and you're supposed to be able to tell the difference between pretending to be agitated and actually getting agitated. They're hardly trying to hide the difference, after all.
When women like something, they assume it is perfect, and then become personally insulted when it is not perfect. They believe it is perfectible and that it is the thing's highest priority to immediately fix all imperfections. (If the thing refuses, they often start believing it's being imperfect on purpose to mess with them.) They become so engrossed with this personal insult it never occurs to them to mention any of the things they like. That would require empathy, and most women aren't the best at empathy. Selfishness is more their speed.

Sometimes it's also counter-signalling. They "complain" that their man is too hot. "He's such a jerk!" Chicks, as you may have heard, dig jerks. All the women hearing this know they're supposed to be jealous. They do not dissent. "I would be terribly repulsed by that too, what an ass." Sure you would. "By the way, what's his number." Yeah I thought so.

There are shallow good reasons for this. It is still profoundly stupid and, as per stereotype, when a woman talks you can safely assume it is empty of content and ignorable. Patronize them a bit to make them shut up, then go back to work. Listen occasionally, when you have nothing better to do, in case they mix in a real complaint among all the fake ones.

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Alrenous said...

More on complaining:
Test your girl's loyalty by cheating on her. Start with something innocuous like going for coffee with one of the bitches who messaged you on twitter after one of her 'complaint' threads.

If she gets angry and screamy, she's trying to convince herself you didn't just make her wet. Go boink the other girl and 'accidentally' let her find out. She will actually become more loyal in an attempt to keep you from running off. Bonus: two bed buddies. She already knows, so transition to full harem mechanics, for honour reasons.
Petulant silent treatment suggests she realizes getting screamy would give the game away, so she's trying to restrain herself.

If she gets coldly angry with shades of disappointment, you have a keeper. She might actually leave if you had sex with another woman. What if monogamy is good actually?

Do keep in mind this isn't a 50-page dissertation so there are some simplifications. Personal judgment not included.